Cyborg mind enhancement with a “brain chip”?

As an aside, concerning the difficulty of predicting even the short term future of a complex system, it was suggested last week in class at USF that in the not too terribly distant future it may be possible to enhance one’s mental abilities by embedding an “electronic chip” of some sort in one’s body. For example, something to help one learn a new language much faster.

To my recollection, three authors of interest on this subject are:

Ray Kurzweil:

Wil McCarthy:

Hans Moravec:

On, Publishers Weekly is quoted as saying:

“If Kurzweil has it right, in the next few decades humans will download books directly into their brains, …”

In September 2005, watch for Dr. Kurzweil’s next book, The Singularity is Near: When Humans Trancend Biology.

“We Are Everywhere”

“Networks: The Ecology of the Movements”:

It appears that the path alternative to “capitalism” may no longer be a monolithic movement, but a swarm of movements. See the new book We Are Everywhere.

A link to the definition of ‘Normative’.

Normative as defined by Wikipedia:

“Go” is an ancient oriental game of strategy.

(AGA) American Go Association: — The American website for the ancient oriental game of strategy mentioned in International Relations class (INR 3038-901) yesterday evening (2005/06/01) at USF.

The Go Masters: “Mikan no taikyoku (1982)” — Sponsored by the governments of China and Japan, this movie is reputed to have perhaps been seen by more people than any other in all history, and yet is unknown is the USA. (ref.: Dr. X. Chen).

The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata: — “The Master of Go”, a novel. — “Nobel Prize biographical information for Yasunari Kawabata”.

25 Concepts for “International Business”.

List of Midterm Concepts for International Wealth and Power (INR 3038-901 Summer 2005).

1. Neomercantilism versus classic mercantilism
2. Comparative Advantage
3. The Rational Choice Theory
4. John Maynard Keynes
5. Restriction of Imports
6. Source of Wealth
7. Export-led Strategy
8. Feminist Critique
9. Absolute Advantage
10. Invisible Hand
11. Hegemon
12. Robert Gilpin
13. Rise of IPE (two conditions)
14. Factor Proportions Theory
15. Product Cycle Theory
16. Product Differentiation Theory
17. Opportunity Cost
18. Reasons for Firms to Invest Overseas
19. The Green Critique
20. V. I. Lenin
21. Economic Nationalism
22. Marginal Value
23. John S. Mill
24. Friedrich List
25. The Fatal Problems of Capitalism (Marx)

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Rebecca MacKinnon comments on Digital China conference

Rebecca MacKinnon has a posting about the recent Digital Silk Road: A Look of the First Decade of China’s Internet Development and Beyond conference.

International Wealth/Power

I registered last Friday (May 27, 2005) for the class “International Wealth/Power” taught by Prof. Dajin Peng.

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