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Cyborg mind enhancement with a “brain chip”?

Download your mind? Some futurists with scientific credentials are predicting the possibililty. In this posting, I’ve bookmarked some links I found while researching “cyborg mind enhancement”, which is a somewhat less ambitious [...]

“We Are Everywhere”

WE ARE EVERYWHERE is a new book about the myriad movements against ‘globaliszation’ in its present [...]

A link to the definition of ‘Normative’.

Normative as defined by Wikipedia:

“Go” is an ancient oriental game of strategy.

Weblinks to info about the game of [...]

25 Concepts for “International Business”.

List of Midterm Concepts for International Wealth and Power (INR 3038-901 Summer [...]

Public bookmarks of Rebecca MacKinnon. :: Social bookmarks by Rebecca MacKinnon:

Rebecca MacKinnon comments on Digital China conference

Rebecca MacKinnon has a posting about the recent Digital Silk Road: A Look of the First Decade of China’s Internet Development and Beyond conference.

International Wealth/Power

I registered last Friday (May 27, 2005) for the class “International Wealth/Power” taught by Prof. Dajin Peng.