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“We Are Everywhere”

“Networks: The Ecology of the Movements”:

It appears that the path alternative to “capitalism” may no longer be a monolithic movement, but a swarm of movements. See the new book We Are Everywhere.

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  • Herbie,

    Did you purchase We Are Everywhere:the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism?

    I just realized SUUSI is only three and a half weeks away.


  • Yes Jim, I believe I did order the book from Books; but I’ve misplaced it somewhere in my apartment.

    Thanks for the note by way of checking out the comment facility of this blog.

    I’m making this belated reply comment after our conversations this evening on the Internet phone service.

  • Jim. D

    I was gonna ask you to bring the book to SUUSI so I could take a gander at it. I’ll just ask my library to find me a copy. No problem.

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