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List of 25 Concepts for International Business

List of Concepts for the First Final Examination (INR 3038-901).

1. Money
2. Portfolio Investment
3. Balance of Payment[s]
4. Current Account
5. Capital Account
6. Exchange Rate
7. Gold Standard
8. Floating Rate
9. Bretton Woods System
10. GATT
11. Paper Gold
12. Exchange Rate Quotations
13. Euro
14. Private Placements
15. Financial Crisis
16. Reasons for MNCs to Invest Overseas
17. Reasons for Nations to host FDI
18. Free Trade Area
19. Globalization
20. FDI
21. Common Market
22. Customs Union
23. Economic Union
24. Trade Creation and Diversion

All embedded links supplied are mine [HB], not the professor’s. However, the list itself is from Dr. Peng’s e-mail.

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