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The “Existentialism in Literature and Film” podcast lectures.

I’ve been following the recent online lectures of Prof. Hubert L. Dreyfus titled “Existentialism in Literature and Film”:

These are “live” lectures, recorded in the classroom during this Spring 2006 school term.

Here’s the ‘existentialism’ course’s description:

“The course will be organized around various attempts to reinterpret the Judeo/Christian God, and to determine in what sense, if at all, such a God is still a living God. We will study Dostoyevsky‘s and Kierkegaard‘s attempts to preserve a non-theological version of the God of Christianity, as well as Nietzche’s attempt to save us from belief in any version of God offered by our tradition. We will view and discuss three films that deal with related issues.” — Philosophy 7.

The podcast syndication link for subscribing is here.

For a list of lectures of Berkeley courses currently available for free via podcast, see:

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