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“Go” is an ancient oriental game of strategy.

(AGA) American Go Association: — The American website for the ancient oriental game of strategy mentioned in International Relations class (INR 3038-901) yesterday evening (2005/06/01) at USF.

The Go Masters: “Mikan no taikyoku (1982)” — Sponsored by the governments of China and Japan, this movie is reputed to have perhaps been seen by more people than any other in all history, and yet is unknown is the USA. (ref.: Dr. X. Chen).

The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata: — “The Master of Go”, a novel. — “Nobel Prize biographical information for Yasunari Kawabata”.

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  • A few more references you may find interesting:

    Sensei’s Library, a wiki about all things Go.
    KGS, a server that allows you to play Go interactively.
    Dragon Go Server, another server, that is designed for longer-term games.
    Hikaru no Go, an anime series that has introduced many people to the game.

    By the way, if you ever find a source for Mikan no Taikyoku, would you let me know? I’ve been trying to find it for years, and the only copy I’ve found is badly out of sync (sound doesn’t match video) and is of very poor quality.

    If you ever want to play, let me know. I was an 18th kyu player when I stopped playing, so to reach mastery I have a long way to go. (Pun intended.)

  • Thanks for the comment, Benjamin. I am sorry I so was slow checking the approval que for “A liberal studies blog@USF”. I’m not skilled yet in working with WordPress, and I simply forgot to look for comments awaiting approval in the Site Admin screen.

    Maybe I need to turn off the moderation option.

    I’ve only played a few games of Go, but I’ve been a member of the American Go Association for several years (I just like what they’re doing, spreading the philosophy of Go — it’s a humane philosophy, a recreation that’s an art form).

    Estimating by the free Igo computer program (a 9×9 board version of The Many Faces of Go), I’m about a 17 kyu player, at best. I’ve only played one game against a real Go player, a Chinese environmental scientist at SWFWMD. Guess what, he won. But that was without my having any handicap stones. The few others I’ve played had to be taught the game first by myself (blind leading the blind, so to speak ;-) .

    Also, thanks for the additional hyperlinks to info about Go. Perhaps others will see these postings and become curious about the game.

    And yes, I would like to play sometime. If I signup on an Internet Go server, I’ll post info here. I wonder, do any of them have interactive audio yet? Of course, with available, that may be a mooted software feature.

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